Paolo FusacchiaPAOLO FUSACCHIA (Class 1967) was born in Colleferro in the Province of Rome, was fascinated by nature and life adventure from an early age.
This overpowering passion pushes him to devote all spare in this pursuit.
He has collaborated with several Naturalistic groups, public and private, to the drafting of projects even for educational purposes, wildlife surveys on the ground, implementation of books and other information material of natural character, etc. .., etc..
With a growing interest in nature photography which is self taught, first as a documentary assistant, finds himself attracted by the beauty and wonders of nature and his experience in living outdoors gives him the experience to exalt the fauna and flora in the area.
His knowledge of biology, ecology and ethology of Living Beings, is of great importance to being a succesful nature photographer, which enables him to get closer to his subject and to understand the surronding area, which can be clearly seen in his photographs.
He can take wide ranging photographs with extreme ease, from a Macro image to vast landscape images, but his passion for the fauna, birds in particular, are his trademark.
“I prefer to photograph fauna in their natural habitat above all making use of the natural light to the form, colour and behaviour which enhances their beauty and elegance even which can be appreciated even in the more common species”
His field of work is extended throughout the Italian peninsula. His main objective is to obtain a well balanced photograph.
His capacity of total silence allows him to get closer to his subject and study their daily activities unditected.
He is staunch in his adventurous photoghraphy, as he likes to define it, making use of a Nikon equipment being either analogical or digital and his best friend in his adventures (per his words) is his inseparable tripod.
For his longer challenging photographic expeditions (he is also an able mountaineer) his brother Fabio often accompanies him on these ventures even though he does this tolerating Paolo’s frequent stops to take photographs of either the animals and the landscape, which he also shares the pleasure and above all the pain.
His frequent and lengthy “absences” from civility are tolerated in part, are redeemed when he shows his handwork recounting his travels. His keenes is to raise awareness and bring one closer to nature through his photographs and to appreciate it.